Yin & Yang Symbol

Yin and Yang is the Chinese symbol known as the “Supreme Ultimate”. One half is black and the other half white. Within each teardrop is a small circle of the opposite colour. This represents the seed of the other. This symbolizes the opposition of yin and yang, although this is relative. Nothing is totally Yin or Yang, as everything contains the seed of its opposite. Although in opposition, they are also independent, meaning one can not live without the other. The large part of the teardrop of one colour is in contact with the tail of the opposite colour, showing the consuming of each other…. Yin and Yang are in constant balance, always adjusting their proportions to achieve a new balance; The intertransformation of Yin and Yang shows that one has the ability of changing into the other but not randomly, only at certain stages. (day into night, summer into winter)

Blue Butterfly

In Chinese mythology the butterfly represents love.  They are also associated with beauty, and transformation. Blue butterflies are rare. They also symbolize strength and loyalty as well as acceptance, honour, joy, happiness and great energy. It is believed that they are the carrier of desires, and to those who wish upon them, will have their wishes come true.

Eight Flowers

In Chinese culture, the number eight is the luckiest number. The eight flowers are grouped together as five and three.  The five flowers represent my five children.