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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Studies have shown that acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. By stimulating points on the body, endorphins (feel good hormones) are released which are essential for mental health and wellbeing.


Pain & Injury

Pain and injury can occur from sports, work, overuse, trauma and surgery. This disrupts the body’s healing process by inflammation which in TCM is blocking Qi and blood flow. Acupuncture has been proven effective at decreasing pain and inflammation and in promoting the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

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Headaches & Migraines

Chinese Medicine recognizes that headaches, migraines and cluster headaches are not the resultant of only one cause. Acupuncture may help reduce the pain and frequency of their occurrence. Depending on symptoms, different points are stimulated to release endorphins and activate the brain’s pathways to reduce pain.

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Digestive Issues

Acupuncture has been proven effective in treating a variety of digestive issues including nausea, vomiting, heartburn, reflux, peptic ulcers, Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea.


Infertility & Pregnancy support

Acupuncture has shown positive results in the treatment of infertility for both men and women. It helps balance hormones, the endocrine system as well as improving ovary function and sperm quality. Acupuncture is effective during pregnancy to help alleviate early symptoms of fatigue, nausea and heartburn as well as promoting maternal health.

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Gynaecological & Menopausal symptoms

Acupuncture can treat gynaecological issues such as infertility, abnormal uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, PMS, fibroids, PCOS. Results have been effective in treating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, the frequency and severity of sweating, night sweating, insomnia, emotional symptoms, skin and hair issues.

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After booking your appointment online you will receive an email with a confidential, comprehensive intake (that will take approximately 15 min to fill out). This will go directly into your file.  Having the form completed prior to arriving will allow more time for treatment.


Initial assessment and treatment will be 75-90 minutes



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What Forms of Payment Are Accepted ?

 E-transfer and cash are the preferred forms of payment, however debit and credit card will also be accepted.

How Many Appointments Will Be Needed

In Western medicine, when one is given a prescription of antibiotics you don’t generally feel better after a single dose.  The same philosophy may be applied to acupuncture. Each person is assessed on an individual basis and given a treatment plan.  Therefore, the number of treatments will vary from person to person. A general rule of thumb is that if you have had a chronic condition for months or even years, acupuncture may require 1-2 treatments per week for the first month and then weekly visits, with re-evaluations done regularly.  However,  acute conditions may only require a few visits.